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Art Class

We exist to...

  • Empower and encourage children devastated by war, political instability and poverty. 

  • Provide healing though means of art & craft 

  • Organize a personalized event for children who are who are refugees, orphaned, or experiencing homelessness.

Craft a Smile :)

Did you know...


  • There are 147 million orphans ages 0–17 years globally.

  • An estimated 15.4 million children lost one or both parents due to an AIDS-related cause in 2021. (Unicef)

Children Experiencing Homelessness

  • There are 100 million homeless children worldwide

  • 1 in every 20 children in California do not have a home.

Children refugees

  • There are 13 million children who are refugees, which make up half of the global refugee population.

Children playing

Meet the Founders



Katelyn Kim



Ashlyn Kim

How we got started...

Ever since we were little, art has always been a constant joy of ours. When we were simply doing what we loved to do, we had the privilege of winning dozens of national art awards, our works were showcased in the major newspaper companies and have been exhibited over the years. This confirmed our gift and talents, so it was then that we wanted to pay it forward and started reaching out to non-profit homeless organizations in our community. Sadly we were rejected to volunteer in person for a homeless organization in Skid Row Downtown LA. due to the Covid-19 restrictions. However, we learned that the rejection was a blessing in disguise since we were able to launch a global organization. We started to brainstorm alternative ideas to connect with them, we didn’t want to negotiate accommodating individual children. We also wanted to host a festive environment. Though we can’t alleviate all of their hardships, we wanted to bring a smile to their faces for a day, especially during the holidays, and invite them to a special event. Our goal is to remind them that they’re precious and worthy. We derived the idea of creating personalized kits for children who are facing homelessness, political instability in their country, loss of parents, and victims of war.

Kids in Preschool
Message from founder

Art has been a faithful companion all our lives. In the most difficult emotional state, it has proven to be an indispensable means of healing. We wholeheartedly desire to bring this powerful tool to children around the globe who are suffering knowing that it will bring healing, comfort, and hope. 

― Katelyn and Ashlyn Kim

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