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Our Work

We create video tutorials personalized for each organization and donation.

These videos are available for anyone looking for craft ideas during the holidays.

Click the image to view the tutorial!

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School on Wheels Thanksgiving Wreath Craft

Thanksgiving 2022: On our first project, we served Thanksgiving wreath craft materials and kits, fall decorations, and snacks to School on Wheels (a non-profit organization that provides homeless children an education) on November 21, 2022.​

Click the image to view the tutorial!


School on Wheels Christmas Tree pop up card & Snow Globe Cookies

Christmas 2022: On December 19, we provided School on Wheels Christmas tree pop up card craft materials with snow globe cookie decorating kits. We believe in the importance of serving more students and providing hope to those without stable housing and living situations the chance to experience joy, passion, and healing through the education they so desperately need and deserve. 



Hosting A Birthday Event in Tanzania

Winter 2023: We are pleased to share that we were able to fund a birthday event for orphans in Tanzania with the generous donations we received. Thanks to your support, we were able to provide rice to the children and bring smiles to their faces. It's important to note that Tanzania has around 1.3 million orphaned children due to the devastating impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. These children often face extreme poverty, lack of education, healthcare, and basic needs. By supporting Tanzania AIDS orphans, we can provide them with the resources they need to thrive, including education, healthcare, and emotional support. It is significant to know that Africa is home to the largest number of orphans in the world, with an estimated 52 million children classified as orphans in 2019 due to poverty, conflict, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic (UNICEF).

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Beaded Chain Craft Tutorial (Spring Themed) for School on Wheels

Spring 2023: On March 28, hosted an event and personalized handwritten cards, snacks, pencil cases that they could draw on, and materials for making personalized beaded accessories as a spring craft. This time, we had support from Harvard-Westlake high school's staff, students, and for our next craft, we will receive funding.



Donations to displaced children in Turkey


Time is of the essence. On February 6th, a series of earthquakes and aftershocks hit southern Turkey and northern Syria, leaving many families and children without basic necessities and in need of immediate medical and psychological aid. The death toll has already surpassed 35,000, with more foreseen. The displaced people in these areas are especially vulnerable. While temperatures have dropped below freezing, they lack adequate shelter, clean water, and hygiene supplies. The situation is dire, and the 850,000 displaced children are in immediate need of aid. (UNICEF). Immediate action is necessary to bring relief to these children.


Spring Themed Crafts for StandUp for Kids


May 2023: Stand up for kids is a nation-wide nonprofit organization dedicated to helping homeless youth in local communities. We had the privilege of organizing an event where we provided the youth with craft materials for creating beaded chains and customizing pencil cases, aiming to make a positive impact on these young lives.

Click the image to view the tutorial!



Summer Tote Bag Decorating Tutorial (For School on Wheels)

August 2023: We organized an event and supplied crafting materials for decorating 60 tote bags, along with snacks. Additionally, we offered a comprehensive video tutorial to assist and inspire the students throughout the creative process. This summer crafting project served as an enjoyable activity for the student's first day of school.



Thanksgiving Cupcake Decoration

November 2023: We organized an event and supplied materials for cupcake decorating. Additionally, we offered a comprehensive instruction manual along with animal origami cards to spread positivity and inspire the students throughout the creative process

Upcoming Projects

Summer Projects 2024

  • AIDS Orphans in Kenya​

Durihana International School

  • ​North Korean refugees​

Standup For Kids

  • Helping homeless and street kids

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