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For too many of these students, this time of year is just another reminder of how unstable and challenging their lives are. Craft a Smile is here to support these children in overcoming the multiple obstacles they face by providing them with craft kits to nurture their creativity, offering holiday gifts, and connecting them to dedicated volunteers.

Thank you most of all for the hope you have given to the children that they, too, could experience enjoyment during the holidays through your donation. On their behalf, we thank you and wish you peace, love, and joy this holiday season.


For every 5 dollars, you could provide a child with hope and pleasure during the holiday season with craft materials and snacks.

Let’s Work Together

We welcome any comments and suggestions. We wait for your valuable ideas! Feel free to share your unique means of support by contacting us directly. (Ex: Travel to work with the children, toys, school supplies, host an event through your donations, medical supplies)

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